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Needed: Business Associates

who can help people with financial decisions

Flat Commission-based, No-Limit Income Opportunity

Finance Dragon helps people become masters of their money

Initially giving factual info on children’s savings accounts and loans in India, we now also help people find the right loans, buy smarter insurance and choose better investment avenues


We are looking for partners to help people:

  1. Apply for loans
  2. Buy smarter health and life insurance

Let’s Learn More About this Opportunity

What You Get

The opportunity to own your life. Not be tied to a boring job


Work at your own pace

You decide how when you want to work and how


Work in your own environment

You decide where you want to work – from home, from office, your choice


No deadline, no sales targets

There are no sales targets, no deadlines. Set your goals yourself


You decide how much to work

Work in the way that suits you, when it is possible for you. No office hours


And how much you want to earn

You decide how much you want to earn – no limits, no barriers


Free sales and marketing training

Guides, methodologies and materials so you know how to build your brand


Regular updates on strategies 

Regular self-paced training reference materials. Learn at your own pace


Best in the industry payouts

Fixed guaranteed slab-based payouts. Easy to scale up


No cost partnership

No fees. No charges. Only a refundable deposit of Rs 499


The Four Core Eligibility Principles

Help People

The partner should want to help people facing financial challenges and help them make the right choice

Be Good

The partner should embody the best of the principles of honesty, integrity, empathy and humility

Be Better

The partner should be focussed on bettering herself/himself and making the world a better place

Keen to Learn

The partner should be willing to learn and keep growing as an individual and achieve their true potential

The Two Legal Eligibility Principles


Our partner should be above 18 years


She/he should be based out of India

That’s it. 

There will be no other restrictions on education, experience, qualifications, gender, age, etc.

Your Workflow


Meet Applicant

Meet the person who wants a loan or insurance and understand their needs


Get Details

Take necessary details from the person and get their supporting documents


Submit Details

Send us the details. For insurance simply send us their name and contact number

Large Finance & Insurance Network

Major Banks & Financial Institutions, Insurance Cos, Top Investment Platforms

Choicest of Products

Personal Loans

Home Loans

Loan Against Property

Car Loans – New/Used

Gold Loans

Business Loans

Balance Transfer

Debt Consolidation

Savings Account

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

+ More Coming

Income Plan Comparison

You earn based on three income slabs, which depends on how much you grow your business

Instance 1


Approved Loans/Policy in Year: 1-6

Earn Rs 500

per approved loan/policy

  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Sales Training Guides
  • Free Collateral Soft Copies
  • Regular Mktg. Training
  • Refundable Fee of Rs 499 *

Approved Loans/Policy in Year: 7-12

Earn Rs 750

per approved loan/policy

  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Sales Training Guides
  • Free Collateral Soft Copies
  • Regular Mktg. Training
  • Refundable Fee of Rs 499 *

Approved Loans/Policy in Year: 13+

Earn Rs 1,000

per approved loan/policy

  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Sales Training Guides
  • Free Collateral Soft Copies
  • Regular Mktg. Training
  • Refundable Fee of Rs 499 *

* Deposit amount refunded after one year of joining or after partner / Finance Dragon ends partnership, whichever is later

There are No Limits on How Much You Can Earn

Know anyone who bought a house, a car, a fridge, a TV, an AC, etc. on EMI recently? You could have earned from their loansKnow anyone who had excess medical or healthcare bills? They can benefit from health insurance

Your Application Process

Here is how your application process will work

1. Enter Details

You enter your personal details such as name, phone number, email, address and banking details in the form

2. Upload documents

You upload your photo ID, address proof and a copy of a cancelled cheque of your bank account and submit form

3. Pay refundable deposit

You are redirected to the payments page to pay the refundable deposit. Once paid, you are redirected to confirmation page

4. Verification and Approval

We verify your details in 1-3 business days. If approved, you get a confirmation email. Else, you get your deposit


You will get complimentary soft copies of personalised visiting cards, brand building guides, sales methodologies and guidelines and more.

Some would be sent to you with the confirmation mail and others will be sent on a regular basis to your email id. 

You will also be eligible for any new programmes that come up for sales, training or personal development.

Why We Created This Programme

We are from the financial industry and we will be one the first ones to say there is something inherently wrong with how it functions.

If the industry was doing its work right, you would not hear stories of farmers or even CEOs of large corporations taking the final step because of financial pressure. The only thing these people needed was a loan extension and someone to help them plan the loan repayments. What they got instead was the collection agent.

Don’t you think that is morally wrong, somewhere?

What other industry has such a say in deciding whether one sleeps peacefully at night or worries endlessly on how to survive the next day?

We think the time has come for the finance industry to become better.

This Partnership Programme is one of the steps we are taking to help those in need get loans and buy adequate insurance, and help our partners earn an income because they choose to help other people.


For Queries: You can reach us at hello[at]

We have one life. We have to choose what we want to make of it.

Partnership Application Form

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